Thursday, July 22, 2010

August & September
We will spend the first two months of the year learning about the artist Paul Klee.  We will spend both months looking at his on his painting.  We will paint our own "Fish" and use oil pastels to make our own "Cat and Bird". Our technology tie-in will be writing our own Artist's Statement on the computer for our work.

October & November
We will spend this time learning about the artist Andy Warhol.  He is my favorite artist to talk about with my students!  We will talk about his Campbell's Soup cans, fascination with celebrities, and his series of cats.  We will paint our own "Cats" and use bright colors in the style of Warhol.  We'll learn about printmaking and  to make our own "Warhol Soup Can". Our technology tie-in will be journaling our answers to our reflective writing prompts.

December & January
These two cold months will be spent learning about the artist Pablo Picasso and his different styles of artwork.  We will make "Cubist Self-Portraits" using an overhead transparency and oil pastels, and complete a "Blue Period Portrait" of a friend.  We will tie-in technology by using the flip cameras and work in pairs to tape our responses to our reflective questions.  This is usually reflective writing, but this time we will interview our partner while taping them with the flip cameras.

February & March
During February and March we are going to study the artist Roy Lichtenstein.  You might notice that Lichtenstein's artwork looks very similar to Andy Warhols.  This is because both were leaders in an art movement known as Pop Art.  We will make our own "Lichtenstein Comics", as well as learn about the different parts of a comic strip.  We will also look at Jim Davis (Garfield's creator) and Charles Shulz (creator of Peanuts) .  Our tie-in of technology will be using the computer program Make Beliefs Comix!  
 April & May
We will spend the last two months of the year learning about the artist Henri Matisse.  We will spend a month looking and learning about his collage work, and a month on his painting.  We will make our own "Beasts of the Sea" and paint our own "Goldfish".  Our technology tie-in will be using digital cameras to document our artwork from this school year and putting it in a slide show on Photo Peach.
Sept 21, 2010 we will be participating in Pinwheels For Peace Day.  Each student in the building will make a pinwheel in art class.  On September 21, we will "plant" each of our pinwheels outside in front of the school building.  Schools from all over the world will be doing the exact thing with their pinwheels on this day in honor of World Peace Day.

School Supplies for Art

 Please bring the following supplies to art the first day that you have it. These supplies will be "donated" to the art room where we can all use them and share.
-Kindergarten and Special Education- 1 Box of Kleenex
-1st Grade- Three packages of #2 pencils
-2nd Grade- Two bottles of Elmer’s School glue 4 oz. (or larger) (washable or glue-all) (Elmer’s glue dries fast and clear, and it won't stain. The glue also washes out easily from brushes, clothing, and fingers).
-3rd Grade- 1 Box of 24 count (or larger) Crayola colored pencils (Crayola Colored Pencils are made with thick, soft leads, so they won't break easily under pressure).
-4th Grade- 1 Box of 10 count (or larger) Crayola markers- broad line, thin line, washable, etc. in classic colors or bold colors (Crayola Markers are long-lasting).

Renaissance Man ("Blister in the Sun" by the Violent Femmes)

Welcome Back!

Our turtle, Rocky, that my daughter found this summer.

 I can't believe it's time for school to start again!  I'm excited to meet new students coming to Eastridge, and excited to see those students who are returning.  I hope each of you had a fantastic summer.  I have spent the summer looking for new projects for us to make, and new technology for us to integrate into our lessons.