Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the Style of Andy Warhol- Cats!

These were done by my 4th and 2nd grade students.  The top three are from 4th grade students and the one just above is from a second grade student.  We discussed Warhol, looked at Warhol's Cats, Cats, Cats, and read Uncle Andy's Cats with the younger students. When I plan units everyone (K-4) all study the same artist, but I try to vary the project.  This usually insures that when the art show rolls around in April that I have a variety of work to display- not just the same projects done with five different grade levels.  I chose to introduce complimentary colors in this unit, so that is why we have the color combinations that you see.  It went along great with the variety of colors Warhol used!  In the fourth grade my principal asked that I incorporate some geometric shapes into a project, so I gave them handouts to trace or cut out and use as stencils of parallelograms, rhombuses, and trapezoids. The cats were done on another piece of paper and once they were drawn, they were outlined with a Sharpie marker. I used a how to draw cats book from the library and made a packet of pages from the drawing book to help everyone out.  I also used the page from Art Projects for Kids blog We painted the cat (in watercolors) doing one color one art class, and the other color the next art class. For second grade we did a construction paper collage with complimentary colors (either the colors they used on their cat or a new set of compliments).  Again, we drew the cats on another piece of paper and water colored one color one class period and the compliment the next art class.  Both second and fourth grade glued them on black construction paper and trimmed trying to leave about a ¼” of the black showing, then glued it to the background.

In The Smaller Style of Frank Stella

These are the same project, just done on a smaller scale.  I am not sure if these were as successful as the larger size, maybe I didn't stress having a variety of sizes. I do like the variety of sized as far as displaying them.